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In my 35 years I have never spoken to a psychologist. Then events in my life became overwhelming, and in my desperation I decided to make an appointment via Instahelp. I picked Nicholas because of his credentials and website, but truthfully, I wasn’t really expecting the sessions to be of much help; I just wanted someone to talk to. I spoke in torrents and incoherently, trying to make sense of my situation. Nicholas was patient and attentive. I never felt pressured to speak; he never tried to force an idea on me. And gradually I started to listen. The experience has been a journey for me, not one where I was led by the hand, but one when I was adeptly guided, yet the decisions and conclusions remained my own. I began the sessions thinking I needed to understand my situation, but learned that actually I needed to understand myself. I cannot recommend Nicholas highly enough for anyone that feels lost. He is compassionate, non-judgemental, perceptive, and warm. He knows when to ask challenging questions and when to delve deeper into an off-hand comment you think is irrelevant. I am extremely grateful for the sessions we had together.

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