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What do I do in therapy?

CBT Counselling

This talking therapy can help you find new ways to think about your problems, enabling you to cope better and manage stress or anxiety.

Person-centred Therapy

Person-centred therapy is a type of psychotherapy that deals with your perception of yourself and can help you to better understand your own feelings.

Depression Therapy

If you're suffering from depression, then you should seek help as soon as possible. Depression therapy focuses on helping you to manage and overcome these feelings.

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is a normal part of life, but if it becomes difficult to control, it can become debilitating. Anxiety therapy offers techniques to cope with and manage your anxiety.

Self-Esteem Therapy

If you're finding life difficult because of a lack of self-esteem, it may be because you've developed negative patterns in the way you think about yourself. Self-esteem therapy can help you to unlearn these negative ways of thinking and build your confidence.

Existential Therapy

This form of psychotherapy examines difficulties and struggles through a philosophical lens, rather than taking a prescriptive approach to solving your issues.


Psychotherapy looks to address the causes of your problems or difficulties by looking at your past experiences and finding ways to resolve issues through one-to-one talking therapy.

50 minutes skype session: £60

50 minutes face-to-face session: £65

One hour live texting: £40

Please email Dr. Sarantakis to arrange a mutually convenient time for your online or face-to-face session

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